The Punk Lounge Interview

We chatted to Erin Marie at The Punk Lounge about all things Muffin Heads!

Erin: Do you have any funny stories to share? A lesson learned perhaps?

Nick: Don’t leave your car parked in a no parking zone!

Erin: Oh no, don’t tell me you got towed!

Nick: I left my car parked blocking some entrance and during our set, the owner comes up on the mic and says, “Whoever has parked their car there needs to move it!” I was like, yep! That’s me! So I had to get my keys and give them to my girlfriend to move my car for me.

Erin: While you were playing?!?

Nick: Yes, mid-set! It was hilarious.

Bex: That was your first gig with us.

Pete: That was great.

Full interview:

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