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In what feels like an absolute age we finally got back into the studio over the weekend just gone. We booked in with Tom Donovan very early in 2017 to lay down 4 tracks. We've wanted to release an EP for a long time so heading back to work with the man himself was fucking awesome as expected. On day 1 we laid the drum tracks which took time but was so worth it. The drums sound fucking huge, basically if Kong had set up a drum kit on Skull Island. That amount of huge. Pete and I didn't have much to do except play guide tracks and marvel at Nick's drumming and Tom's production/engineer/mixing skills. Easy day!

Day 2 we threw down bass, guitar, vocals and ate an obscene amount of mini muffins - lovingly warmed by Tom's vintage Marshall amp. It was a tougher day than day 1 and I pretty much sounded like Dot from Eastenders at the end of it. Worth it darlin'.

First mixes have already been thrown over to us by Tom.

You're in for a treat

Faces of recording

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